Locally grown 

'beyond' organic vegetables

 100% Natural








We are a small market garden located near Battle and Hastings.

We have 13 acres in East Sussex's High Weald, a designated

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where we grow 'beyond' organic produce.

Our farming methods are 100% natural, with no pesticides, herbicides and no chemical fertilizers. We are no dig and prioritise soil health and bio-diversity. 

We are a regenerative farm growing in harmony with nature, creating a thriving, healthy system across the site.  


How to buy our produce

We are very proud to supply these amazing outlets who are champions of local, quality produce. 

  • Eggs to Apples Farm Shop, Hurst Green
  • St Leonards Grocery, St Leonards

Healthy soil is the foundation of our great tasting, abundant produce. Healthy plants don't need harmful chemicals to keep pests and diseases in check. There isn't a 'problem' that nature hasn't already provided a solution for. It's just a matter of taking the time to establish a balance, to encourage the right wildlife and foster the right environment. Nature's impulse is to create an inter-connected web, to work in co-operation and share its benefits.

The more we learn from these natural processes and imitate them, the healthier and happier we all are.