Veg box scheme

 Want a box of fresh, nutritious, delicious, 
 locally grown produce ? 

Beautifully nutritious, fresh 'beyond organic' produce starting in May.

With your support we promise to -

  • Harvest produce that is fresh, full of nutrients and packed full of flavour. 

  • Prioritise nature and steward the land for future generations. With no mono-cultures and no chemicals. We are commited to soil improvement, increasing habitat and creating a wildlife haven.

  • To grow just a few miles from your door, helping to improve food security and create local jobs.

Padswood Farm - Horse Field
Padswood Farm - Horse Field

We hand pick a selection of our beautifully fresh and tasty produce, grown just a few miles from your door. 

Each box contains the freshest seasonal produce, with a wonderfully diverse selection of vegetables as the season progresses.

 Choose a box size                                                                    

Padswood Veg Box Scheme

 Join our Veg Box Scheme                                                      

Standard Box

Family Box

Padswood Farm - Jungle Fever Swamp
Padswood Farm - Mycelium Fruit

Minimum of eight crops

Feeds 1 - 2 people


Minimum of ten crops

with larger portions

Feeds 3 - 5 people


* offer applied on 3rd week

 Choose delivery or collection                                               

Delivery area:

Battle, Hastings, Robertsbridge, St Leonards, Sedlescombe & Westfield. (Live outside of these areas? Email us and we'll let you know if we can accomodate you).

Delivery - add £1.50

Deliveries are made on Thursdays and Saturdays, which day is dependent on the delivery address.


from the farm

Padswood Farm, Spraysbridge,

between Westfield and Sedlescombe, TN33 0RU 

Collection days are Thursdays and Saturdays, between 10am and 1pm.

 Choose the frequency                                                       

Would you like a weekly box or a box every two weeks?

Padswood Farm blackthorn blossom
Padswood Farm - Jungle Fever Swamp
Padswood Farm - Jungle Fever Swamp
Padswood Farm - Jungle Fever Swamp
Padswood Farm Veg Box Scheme



Can I substitute items?

It's not possible for us to process crop substitues at the moment. Hand picking and packaging your box is incredibly labour intensive. Keeping the boxes the same helps us grately to manage prep time. We hope with some inspiration you will find a delicious use for all the crops. If you really don't like a vegetable, would you be able to offer it to a friend or neighbour?  

I need to cancel / amend my delivery?

No problem, just sign into your account dashboard and pause your subscription as often as you like. We need to know before midnight on Monday for a Thursday delivery or Midnight Wednesday for a Saturday delivery. After that the system is locked and I'm afraid we're not able to make alterations.

I won't be in when you deliver, what happens?

Not going to be in? No problem, we can leave your box in the safe place you have told us about.

What does 'beyond organic' mean?

We follow the rules set by the organic certification body - the soil association. But take steps that go beyond their recommendations. We are not certified. This means we use organic seed, we don't use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. While we are very happy that traditional farmers are being encouraged to adopt more eccological methods by becoming certified, there are certain practices that are permitted while certifiled that we wouldn't feel comfortable with.

An example would be growing in mono-cultures, where fields and fields of one crop is grown, we understand that large scale farmers sturggle to be profitable, but this method involves higher uses of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.  While these amendments are available in organic form, they are still very harmful to the ecosystem.

We would use methods such as interplanting of different crops to encourage beneficial predators to help with pest management.  This a much more labour and space intensive method, but encourages far greater benefits to nature and consumer.